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Audio visual performance with Alois Späth.
Coming from a life in the city I have arrived in Sandnessjøen expecting the peace and quite one would guess from the remoteness of this place. However, the majestic natural landscape is almost always disrupted by the sound of machines be it cars, airplanes, electrical saws, etc. Paying attention to our surrounding in the search of a starting point for the project one becomes more susceptible and perceives the world much more sensitively. Thus the contrast between silence and noise was one of the first phenomenom I perceived. It becomes much more discernable than being in a city. The only place of complete absence of the man made sounds is on top of a mountain. The same goes for the visual aspect. In the beautiful landscape setting one finds remnands of old machines, ruins, buildings, streets etc. In this project we are trying to depict this contrast with sound and moving images inspired by the area. (Maike Zimmermann)

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